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Kirby Road Base Camp Friday 26 to Monday 29 July.

Prospective Members Welcome

July 29, 2024
Registrations: Open

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CAMPERS CAN CHOSE TO STAY 1-3 NIGHTS - please let Joe know what nights you are staying and eta (there is no phone service at the camp)

Our Annual Kirby Road Conservation Reserve base camp is open for all members and prospective members. Kirby Road Reserve is a Sunshine Coast Council owned reserve that our club has been working on developing hiking tracks for a number of years using grant moneys received for that purpose.

At this point of time there are no permanent facilities - camping or toilets. Our Club applies for a permit from Council to conduct this camping weekend on the Reserve.

For those wanting to help with setting up the communal camp area (porta-loos, dining area and fire pit) please arrive from 10am on the Friday morning with any other Club campers arriving in the afternoon. Please note expected arrival time on the sign on sheet (or let Joe know)

The camp will finish Monday morning. Campers can stay one, two or all three nights.

Access is via a graded unsealed road and then access to the camping area will be through a locked gate. The internal roads do require high clearance or 4wd vehicles but we can transport camping gear from cars parked outside or organise carpooling from town.

This will be a base camp and the Club will have the tarp shelter, BBQ, gas ring, lights and fire wood. Portable toilets have been hired for the event. This is a remote site with no potable water. You will need to bring your own camping gear, food and drinks. A small table and chair would be advisable if you want to eat under the tarp.

The weekend is mainly a social event. However on Saturday morning we plan to work on the newly constructed track. This is your chance to see how tracks are constructed and if you wish to contribute. If not, enjoy being one of the first to walk the track. (See separate activity for this)

On Sunday after a car shuffle, we will walk from Shultz Road, Witta back to the camp. (See separate activity for this hike)

Kirbys Road Reserve is at the southern end of Obi Obi Valley. If you google it make sure you put in "Kirbys Road Obi Obi" If you are coming from Mapleton, at the bottom of the hill you turn left on to a dirt road called Lower Suses Pocket Road. After about 400m you turn right onto Kirbys Road and you continue on to the gate, a couple of kilometres.

What to bring:

Normal car camping gear:

  • Tent
  • Torch
  • Sleeping bag/pillow
  • Clothes for your length of stay
  • Warm clothes for night time
  • Toiletries/medications
  • Cutlery and plates
  • Chair
  • Small table if you have one
  • Drinking water for 2 days
  • Backpack for day walks
  • Food, snacks, drinks, tea and coffee for length of stay


  • Central tarp for shelter and cooking
  • Lights in the shelter
  • BBQ and gas rings for cooking
  • Limited cooking gear
  • Kettle
  • Washing up facilities and water
  • Fire wood
  • Toilet
Kirby Road Base Camp Friday 26 to Monday 29 July.